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As an educator and mother, it is of great importance to me that my business, Golden West Organizing, gives back to our community. With this in mind, I founded Golden West Organizing Gives Back Day, which allows me to combine my passion for teaching and organizing by volunteering our services at local public schools.

To date, we have successfully completed three pro bono projects in classrooms in the Los Angeles area, including in Sylmar, Valley Village, and Koreatown. I am incredibly grateful to have such a dedicated team who willingly volunteer their time, as well as amazing clients who generously donate teaching supplies.

If you are a member of the public school system in Los Angeles and would like to be considered for our pro bono services, please contact with a brief description of what a classroom makeover would mean to you. Kindly use the subject line "GWO Gives Back Day" in your email.


Child Development Center at LA Mission College in Sylmar

The task of organizing the teacher/staff supply room for the preschool, as well as the office of the director, was a collaborative effort. The supplies were sorted, labeled, and placed in designated areas to make it easy for the teachers and staff to find what they need. The office of the director was also organized in a way that made it easy to access important documents, files, and equipment. This helped to create a more efficient and productive work environment for everyone involved. 


CWC East Valley in Valley Village

The task of organizing a space for the school's new library involved a lot of planning and coordination! First, we assessed the available space to ensure that it was suitable for the library's needs. We took into consideration factors such as the size of the space and the layout. We then made a plan for how the space would be used and what furniture, shelves, and other equipment would be needed. We also made sure to take into account accessibility and safety requirements.

Once the plan was in place, we got to work on setting up the space. We arranged furniture and equipment, such as bookshelves and tables, in a way that was both functional and visually appealing. Ultimately, this would not be the permanent home of the new library, but will make the transition to the library's final home on campus much easier. 


Public School in Koreatown

The science classroom makeover at a public school in Koreatown was a special project that was done for a teacher who was returning from extended parental leave. The goal was to create a fresh and updated learning environment for the students that would make the teacher's transition back to work more seamless. 


The makeover involved several steps, starting with a thorough cleaning of the classroom to ensure that it was free of any dust or debris. We then assessed the classroom layout, taking into consideration factors such as the size of the room and the quantity and nature of the school supplies. Overall, the goal of the makeover was to create a science classroom that was not only functional and efficient, but also inspiring and motivating for both students and teacher. 

We were delighted to have the opportunity for our project to be featured in CBS-LA.

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