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"Julia has completely transformed me and my husband's home for the better. She made our space not only more livable, but so enjoyable to wake up to everyday. We know where everything is and it has been completely transformed from a hectic, stressful, and crowded space to a calm, fun, and open space that is all our own! I recommend Julia to anyone who needs to organize their space and have their lives changed in the best way. In finding this amazing person we also made an amazing new friend for life. Thank you a million times over!"

Tallulah L., Santa Monica, CA

"Life changing and eye opening. Julia's organization service is quite the journey, and she's committed to being by your side every step of the way. She helps you to assess your belongings and sort through what should or shouldn't be kept. In doing so, Julia ultimately respects the decisions you make. Guidance and suggestions of how to accomplish your vision are provided throughout the process. Beyond organizing, Julia is wholeheartedly willing to shop for products needed to achieve your organization dream and remove/donate unwanted items for you. She literally couldn't make the task of decluttering any easier, helping you to reclaim your life!"

Rachel N., Sherman Oaks, CA

“I should have hired Julia years ago! More than an organizer, she is almost like a therapist, helping our entire family to pinpoint what is most important to us, and organize our space around that. She is very sensitive to everyone’s individual preferences and doesn’t force one methodology or products on you. The changes she has helped us with have stuck with us and become good, natural habits. Even our preschooler is helping organize. Whether you might belong on “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” or even “Hoarders,” Julia can help! We are all happier for it. Thank you, Julia!”

Jane L., Culver City, CA

"GWO are lifesavers! I reached out on short notice when totally overwhelmed by the magnitude of unpacking after our recent home renovation. They expertly and swiftly helped to unpack, sort and put away my entire kitchen, and created a strategic and user-friendly vision for our new laundry room. In addition to being friendly and professional (their bright team t-shirts helped them stand out amongst the sea of people who have been helping us out over many days), they are self-directed and great at making decisions about things without relying on too much guidance from me. I now have expertly decanted spices, beautifully arranged make up, clearly labeled baking supplies, and even the dog food has a happy home! What more could I want??? Thank you!!"

Stephanie Y., Westchester, CA


We introduced our first ever Dream Closet Makeover Contest at the end of 2022, in partnership with Eco Pristine Cleaning. One lucky winner had their closet cleaned, decluttered, and organized by our companies. Check out this video to see the incredible transformation and testimonial of the 2022 winner, Elva.

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